The Grand Canyon Outdoor Education curriculum is designed by educational professionals to provide interactive and engaging lessons. The curriculum is specifically designed around the amazing facilities and spectacles found in northern Arizona – the mountains of Williams, the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Railway and Lowell Observatory.Curriculum subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • History
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Math
  • Social Sciences
  • Physical Education
  • Life Skills
  • Writing
  • Natural, Life and Physical Sciences


Every lesson is designed with the student’s interest and fun in mind. Learning is a hands-on activity in our camp. Combinations of large and small group activities and lessons ensure students aren’t left out and that everyone is involved. We utilize adventure programming principles to make learning fun and engaging.

Designed by Professionals

Our curriculum was designed by teachers, for teachers. The instructional designers were certified high school, middle school and elementary teachers.See an example curriculum matrix that outlines an overview of what a 6th grade trip might look like. This matrix is an example for illustration purposes only and is not all-inclusive.See an example schedule of a field trip that includes the Grand Canyon Railway and Grand Canyon tour.

Adventure Programming

What is Adventure Programming?

Everything done within the confines of the Grand Canyon Outdoor Education Program is done intentionally and by design. There are a number of varying definitions of Adventure Programming but we align closest with that provided by Simon Priest:

Adventure is a specific subset of experiential programming where the outcome of the experience is uncertain and may contain risks (physical, emotional, social, financial, etc.). “Direct participation in [these and other] action events” requires us to use our competence to face our fears of the risks and to resolve the uncertainties of the outcomes. In dealing with these challenges, and by turning perceived limitations into abilities, we learn a great deal about our relationships with others and ourselves.
The deliberate use of action events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting change and learning.

Simon Priest –

Positive Experience

All elements and activities are designed to promote learning but more importantly leave students with the lasting impression that they are capable and successful. Every skit, game and lesson is meant to set the students up as heroes and never embarrass or exclude them.Every element is expected to be safe, fun, amazing and successful.We attempt to keep the students from ever knowing what’s coming next from the moment they arrive at camp until they leave.We believe that the element of surprise will keep them on the edge of their seats and heighten their experience, thereby increasing the chances that they will retain the education and experiences for a lifetime.


One of the signature experiences of the whole trip is rappelling. We believe that this is an amazing tool for every student. Unlike rock climbing, rappelling is not limited to a certain physical ability. It is all about trust and courage. Through perceived danger, each student gets to conquer fear and experience the rush of adventure.Our trained staff members are experts at coaching every student to make it over the edge and down safely, even if they are terrified of heights. Of course, we don’t force anyone or make anyone feel embarrassed if they don’t participate, but we do shoot for getting every student to have this experience.We really believe that most kids feel like they could never do something like this, and to prove their doubts wrong is monumental. Removing the “I could never” transcends beyond the rappelling experience and into the classroom and their everyday lives. Kids tell themselves things like, “I could never get an A in this English class,” or “I could never stand up to my friends to do the right thing,” but we believe differently.


See get a feel for the Adventure Programming activities, check out an example schedule of a field trip that includes the Grand Canyon Railway and Grand Canyon tour.


Pricing for these trips is based on a number of factors including components selected (Grand Canyon, train ride, Lowell, etc), number of students, exclusive/shared use of Lost Canyon, number of days and type/number of activities during trip.Contact us quickly so we can design an unforgettable and life-changing field trip for your students.

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