The Finest Facilities

The Grand Canyon Outdoor Education Program has taken great care to provide the finest facilities available anywhere in the nation. From a mountain resort to a wonder of the world, no detail has been overlooked to ensure your experience is unbelievable.

Lost Canyon Camp

Lost Canyon was engineered and designed to be a perfect community for students to learn in. Every angle and location is designed for students to be in sight, and in awe of the beauty around them. Every building is designed around on Old West railroad town theme. There’s even an authentic train whistle that echoes through the valley when its meal time or time to change stations. These 28 million dollar facilities would make it worth the trip by themselves — but they’re only the beginning!

Dining Hall

It took two cranes to build the crane that put these timber rafters together after they arrived from Canada! From the moment you walk in the towering 15 ft. wooden doors on the deck you will be amazed at the lodge-style eating area. The dining hall can seat around 600 at family style tables in the Western railroad décor atmosphere.This incredible building is only part of the experience, however, as the gourmet meals will truly blow away your expectations for lodge/camp meals. 18 elk antler chandeliers dangle from the enormous rafters to provide an ambiance that will provide for great relational time at meals as well as tie in the whole experience for students.


Each of the lodges at Lost Canyon is right on par with the standard of excellence that the entire property maintains. Designed to look like 1800’s style hotels, students will continue to feel a part of history as they come into the new and immaculately clean rooms.Hand crafted wooden bunks allow 8-16 students and faculty to feel safe and comfortable each night. These are far beyond what you might expect in “cabins”. They are also fully heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

The Gym/ Gameroom /Snack Shop

Lost Canyon has a full size gym, fit to theme in decoration of course, for indoor games and challenges as well as a space large enough to host the whole camp for inclement weather relocations.Attached to the gym is an Old West Game room with several pool tables, ping pong tables, and foosball tables. Both of these are connected to the soda-shop snack room with booths and all the goodies you could need.

The Pool, Hot tub, and Slides

Right next to the Gym is a pool big enough for 400 kids to swim in with two full waterslides landing in the deep end. There is also an 80 person hot tub and pristine sand volley ball courts next to the pool.

The Fields/ Outdoor Court/ and Lake

The buildings of Lost Canyon are designed in an oval shape that surrounds a beautiful grass playing field, outdoor basketball courts, and a man-made landscaped lake.The lake plays host to the blob and serves as the wet landing for North America’s longest zip-line, 1250 ft. of pure adrenaline! A full 18 hole Frisbee golf course also meanders through the infield and around the property.

The Ropes Course/ Playground

Some of Lost Canyon’s finest activity elements are its 12 station high ropes course and “The Playground.” The ropes course is found in the ponderosa pines up the hillside next to the zip-line launching station and will allow students to wrestle with perceived danger and overcome challenges they may have never thought possible.The Playground consists of a 30 ft. tandem pole for students to climb, then to jump to a suspended trapeze, and a huge team building swing where harnessed students are pulled by their classmates as high as they want, then released for a ride to remember! Students will never forget these experiences at Lost Canyon, that’s a guarantee.

The Club Room (meeting space)

Maybe Lost Canyon’s most exquisite building, this meeting room is unlike any you have ever seen. Designed like an old style Opera House, students will pile into a huge stadium like room that funnels down towards a wooden stage with functional balcony windows.With state of the art sound and video equipment, this is where the real magic unfolds in the program each night. You will see hundreds of students laughing, yelling, and intensely focused as different elements of the learning program unfold. Each night’s meeting is truly a remarkable experience.

Main Street (The Store/Adult Meeting Room/ Coffee shop)

Every morning coffee will be brewing and ready at the stone, homestead-like building that has been remodeled into a modern Java experience on Main Street. There is also a store which has all the Lost Canyon memorabilia you could want, and a meeting room where all the teachers meet each day to be informed about the day’s activities. Main Street adds a nice feel to the whole community of Lost Canyon.We are confident that you will not find finer facilities for outdoor education anywhere. We hope to hear from you soon so we can schedule this amazing property for your group.

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